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100% nontoxic luxury skin and hair care delivering supreme results.

We believe in the connection between nature, health and beauty.
Our message is to inspire and empower people to transcend their everyday beauty rituals and make health conscious choices.  

Message Organics is harmoniously enriched with the highest quality ingredients pairing timeless remedies with transformative elements of modern science. Once a behind the scenes exclusive to our founder’s celebrity clientele… now an elevated beauty experience is born.



Message Organics founders have been celebrated by the world’s most prestigious editorials and celebrities, securing the coveted roles of leading hair and makeup experts with clients ranging from Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Givenchy, Tom Ford, Versace, Valentino, MOMA, and W Magazine.

our story


When legendary creative force Yoko Ono asked her longtime friend and makeup artist Christine Cherbonnier that question, it sparked the inspiration for what would become Message Organics.

Cherbonnier, whose signature makeup look of healthy, vibrant skin, has appeared in the pages of VOGUE, Vanity Fair and Interview, to name a few, had been considering her message within the beauty industry. She knew that most of the products used on photo shoots contained harmful ingredients, with little to no regulation, and that she had an opportunity to create a change with a nontoxic approach to beauty.

She started by formulating an all-natural product at Yoko’s request for her hair and skin, before creating similar products exclusively for her supermodel and celebrity clients. Soon, she teamed up with frequent collaborator and best friend Kayla MiChele, a notable high-fashion and celebrity hairstylist whose clients include Harpers Bazaar, Tom Ford, Versace, Givenchy, W magazine and VOGUE. Having grown up in her mother’s flower shops where the symbiosis of beauty and nature was the ideal, MiChele had her own concerns about the unhealthy contents of beauty products, both for herself and for the supermodels she works with. Many models had begun to voice their concern about the toxic ingredients they were exposed to.

Together they started the process of formulating nontoxic luxury hair and skin care, applying their years of hands-on experience and expertise to perfect every element, while their genius team of French chemists and Californian herbalists incorporated elevated and healthful aspects of modern science. With this crystalized focus on a safe, nontoxic approach to beauty, Message Organics was officially founded. Since then, the two beauty mavens have set out to be a voice in the beauty sphere by empowering people to transcend their everyday beauty rituals and make health-conscious decisions with the products they use. They pride themselves in using only the highest quality and purest ingredients, and believe firmly that their message of pure, nontoxic beauty will create an emotional shift in the industry.

A portion of all Message Organics sales will support nonprofits and good causes promoting health and nontoxic well-being.

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